Each class of MUI has its own autodoc file which can be found in this directory. MUI autodocs feature some background information about the class and detailed description of its attributes and methods. Make sure to read the docs carefully before you start using them.

Besides from reading the autodocs online, you can of course find them in the current MUI developer archive too. Autodocs are also available for download separately as lzx archive either in plaintext or HTML format. Note that you have to hold the shift button or use "Download link to disk" feature of your web browser for these links.

Following is an index of all MUI classes organized in a tree structure. Simply click on a class to read its docs.

rootclass                   (BOOPSI's base class)
+--Notify                   (implements notification mechanism)
!  +--Family                (handles multiple children)
!  !  +--Menustrip          (describes a complete menu strip)
!  !  +--Menu               (describes a single menu)
!  !  \--Menuitem           (describes a single menu item)
!  +--Application           (main class for all applications)
!  +--Window                (main class for all windows)
!  !  \--Aboutmui           (About window of MUI preferences)
!  \--Area                  (base class for all GUI elements)
!     +--Rectangle          (spacing object)
!     +--Balance            (balancing separator bar)
!     +--Image              (image display)
!     +--Menubar            (displays a menustrip object)
!     +--Bitmap             (draws bitmaps)
!     !  \--Bodychunk       (makes bitmap from ILBM body chunk)
!     +--Text               (text display)
!     +--Gadget             (base class for intuition gadgets)
!     !  +--String          (string gadget)
!     !  +--Boopsi          (interface to BOOPSI gadgets)
!     !  \--Prop            (proportional gadget)
!     +--Gauge              (fule gauge)
!     +--Scale              (percentage scale)
!     +--Colorfield         (field with changeable color)
!     +--List               (line-oriented list)
!     !  +--Floattext       (special list with floating text)
!     !  +--Volumelist      (special list with volumes)
!     !  +--Scrmodelist     (special list with screen modes)
!     !  \--Dirlist         (special list with files)
!     +--Numeric            (base class for slider gadgets)
!     !  +--Knob            (turning knob)
!     !  +--Levelmeter      (level display)
!     !  +--Numericbutton   (space saving popup slider)
!     !  \--Slider          (traditional slider)
!     +--Pendisplay         (displays a pen specification)
!     !  \--Poppen          (popup button to adjust a pen spec)
!     \--Group              (groups other GUI elements)
!        +--Register        (handles page groups with titles)
!        !  \--Penadjust    (group to adjust a pen)
!        +--Virtgroup       (handles virtual groups)
!        +--Scrollgroup     (virtual groups with scrollbars)
!        +--Scrollbar       (traditional scrollbar)
!        +--Listview        (listview)
!        +--Radio           (radio button)
!        +--Cycle           (cycle gadget)
!        +--Coloradjust     (several gadgets to adjust a color)
!        +--Palette         (complete palette gadget)
!        \--Popstring       (base class for popup objects)
!           +--Popobject    (popup aynthing in a separate window)
!           !  +--Poplist   (popup a simple listview)
!           !  \--Popscreen (popup a list of public screens)
!           \--Popasl       (popup an asl requester)
+--Semaphore                (semaphore equipped objects)
!  \--Dataspace             (handles general purpose data spaces)

Important: Although some attributes are documented as BOOLeans or BYTEs, remember that you must always pass a LONGWORD pointer to GetAttr() and SetAttrs() (or get() and set() as MUI macros). The following piece of code is illegal and will trash memory:
   BOOL selected;                    // WRONG! TWO STACK BYTES AFTER
   get(obj,MUIA_Selected,&selected); // selected WILL BE TRASHED!

Instead, always use LONGWORDs even for BOOLean attributes:
   LONG selected;                    // RIGHT! USE LONGWORDS EVEN
   get(obj,MUIA_Selected,&selected); // FOR BOOL ATTRIBUTES.

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