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Menustrip.mui Background

        Menustrip class is the base class for MUI's object oriented
        menus. Its children are objects of Menu class, each of
        them describes exactly one menu.

        A Menustrip object doesn't feature many options itself, but
        as a subclass of Family class, it simply acts as father for
        multiple Menu objects.

        The Menustrip object is usually specified as a child of
        either Application class or window class with the
        attributes MUIA_Application_Menustrip or

Menustrip.mui Attributes

    Attribute                           Ver ISG Type
    ----------------------------------- --- --- --------------------
    MUIA_Menustrip_Enabled              V8  ISG BOOL


        MUIA_Menustrip_Enabled -- (V8 ) [ISG], BOOL

        Enable or disable the complete menu strip.

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