Following is our big announcement posted to major Amiga newsgroups on 24-May-97:

                             The new SASG
                  Standardized Amiga Shareware Group

If you are interested in shareware products like MUI, MagicWB, MagicCX or
DFA, and are curious about the new and revised SASG, and would like to
benefit from our special birthday offer, read this:


                         !!! SASG TURNS 3 !!!

SASG celebrates its 3RD BIRTHDAY! We are now supporting the Amiga scene
for a total of 3 years as of this month. See the chapter "SASG Background"
at the bottom for more information about this historical foundation.

               !!! SASG WEBSITE HAS BEATEN 100,000 !!!

And we are celebrating another event: Our SASG website (
has reached and beaten the magical barrier of 100,000 individual users
attending our online services! We thank everybody who visited our website
and helped to make it so popular. Thank you so much!

As a token of our gratitude, we decided to offer an exclusive 20% (!)
birthday discount for our products on our website. Through this we want
to support these events and let everybody participate in our celebration.
This offer is limited to 3 weeks. You will find more details below.


SASG International is proud to announce that SASG has completely renewed
its services and infrastructure to satisfy all needs of Amiga shareware
users worldwide.

We have full Internet presence and are offering various new registration
methods, including fax, email and online registration. This is a complete
new SASG. We have learned from the past and listened to the requests of our
customers. The best ideas and intentions went into our new services.


SASG International went online a few months ago. Although we haven't
announced our new website until now, over 100,000 Amiga users worldwide
have visited us on the web and enjoyed their stay. As for them our website
"is the most beautiful, functional and professionally done site" they have
ever seen on the web (-> see our Guestbook). It has become a major address
to turn to for many web surfers, a haven for the Amiga fan, if you will.

Please visit us at and form your own opinion.

To celebrate our birthday and our own attendance record, we have decided
to let everyone participate in our achievements by making a special offer:
SASG International grants you an exclusive, time-limited

                    !!! 20% BIRTHDAY DISCOUNT !!!

on all of its featured products! Just visit our website and use this neat
offer to register our acclaimed products for even less than you would
usually pay. Don't miss this unique and limited chance to get our great
Amiga shareware products for just that little shareware fee. Since we are
celebrating SASG's 3rd anniversary, we thought it would be appropriate to
give away our products for 20% less for exactly 3 WEEKS! This means, if you
visit our website and register a product before the 13-Jun-97, you will be
granted this special discount. On friday the 13th, it will expire! :-)


The SASG Registration Program is a complete rewrite. It features numerous
new features, far too many to be mentioned here. Please download this new
registration program from our website:


or from any Aminet mirror in the directory util/misc, e.g.:


This is a must for every Amiga user since it includes all shareware
products SASG currently has to offer, information about the authors, about
the SASG, and at the same time contains all features of the new SASG. And
if this is not enough, we have added jaw-dropping animations and a few
gags -- the first time that you will see this in a workbench window!



The SASG is an alliance of well-known Amiga shareware authors with the
spirit to enrich the shareware community with unprecedented service &
performance.  Our main efforts are to promote Amiga shareware products of
exceptional quality and to make these available at a reasonable
registration fee.

The SASG is a non-profit organisation which ensures that the author of a
shareware product receives 100% of his well-deserved registration fee.
This system guarantees that software programmers do not get exploited and
end users can register high-quality applications for only a few dollars.

You will benefit from a worldwide infrastructure of registration sites, a
comfortable and standardized registration program, an exceptionally fast
electronic registration center, email & fax registrations, online web
ordering and support for all major credit cards (plus First Virtual PIN).
Last but not least you can take advantage of a permanent and reliable
support through the SASG Internet Services.

We offer all kinds of payment methods, currencies, ordering methods and
shipment types you can dream of to satisfy your demand. SASG even features
military-grade PGP encryption for increased registration safety through
electronic channels.  Name it, we have it.  Our services are unparalleled
and ensure that registering an SASG shareware product is in fact as easy
and as comfortable as it can get.


  o Global infrastructure

  o Acceptance of all major credit cards

  o Fax, email & online ordering

  o 20% discounts available on our website

  o First Virtual payment supported

  o Optional express service

  o Fully electronic registration methods

  o Quality assurance

  o Main registration center (SASG Shareware Center)

  o Standardized registration fees

  o PGP security encryption supported

  o Worldwide Web & Internet Services


The Standardized Amiga Shareware Group was founded in May 1994. Most
Amiga users will remember this time as the downfall of Commodore. SASG was
born out of this crisis since we wanted to show our solidarity with the
Amiga and its users worldwide for we knew that the liquidation of Commodore
would not simultaneously mean the downfall of the Amiga computer. We also
realized the urge to facilitate the shareware registration process for both
author and end user and to offer an unprecedented service in the shareware
scene.  We felt that shareware has a great potential -- now more than ever
due to the precarious situation of the Amiga -- so we wanted to revolu-
tionize the shareware idea by giving it an upswing.


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