First, adapt the width of your browser window to the width of the header since this is the preferred width prominently used in the WWW. Most users who run their OS under higher resolutions like 1024x768 tend to maximize their browser windows believing to see more. This is a mistake since font sizes and graphics stay the same. In fact, legibility will suffer because text lines are getting too long and cause a strain on the eyes. Increasing the font size is no remedy since the whole web page will then lose its proportions and intended look.

So, better use your higher resolution in a more intelligent way by looking at it as a bonus space for additional programs and windows. The base font size (font 3) should be set at 13 for Amigas or 10-11 for PCs even on higher resolution screens. If you feel forced to increase the font size instead of using these standard settings, it is the best proof that your monitor is too small for your resolution (higher resolutions imply larger monitor screens!). Switch back to the next lower resolution. Additionally, you should switch off the 'underline links' option in your browser preferences (if you haven't already done so). Links are clearly visible by their different color. Underlining is redundant and actually harms the visual appearance of web pages.


Each page features an individual header that informs you about the topic and the actual contents of the page. If you click on the globe (or the SASG logo on the right side) you will always get back to the SASG main page no matter where you are. By clicking on the header's product name you will be taken back to the homepage of the respective product.


At the end of each page you can find the footer that provides you the same navigational feature as the header: Clicking on 'Home' if you are located in any product page will bring you back to the homepage of the respective product. A second click on 'Home' will take you to the SASG main page. With this feature you can easily navigate our website through the use of the header or the footer.

Additionally the footer provides access to the most important functions and information texts on our website: Help, Guestbook, Feedback, Order and About. Thus you can access these features from any location. Please note that depending on the actual page some features are not highlighted and therefore can not be selected.

If you are visiting our website for the first time we would love to invite you to sign our Guestbook by telling us your impressions of this website. Criticism is welcome as well as praise and suggestions. If you should find an error on the product pages click on the 'feedback' button in the footer to inform the respective author about this error.


Black Level Adjustment

Most computer monitors have a misadjusted black level (brightness) setting, since it was set up by taste. There is a simple way to correct this: Our black level adjustment page will help you to see if your brightness is correctly adjusted. If it is not (which may very well be the case) our web pages will appear too dark or too bright on your screen and you will lose fine details and compromise the color reproduction. As we are perfectionists we want you to enjoy our website to its fullest potential. Not only will our web pages benefit from a perfectly calibrated black level, but also your whole operating system environment. The black level setting is one of the most important adjustments to your monitor.

Color Test Our website is best viewed on a high/true color screen (i.e. more than 32000 colors). If you only have an 8-bit screen (256 colors) you will not be able to enjoy the true color look of this site. On the left you can see an example with 4 color ranges (a blue range, rainbow range, blue-to-light-red range and a brighter blue range). If you have a high/true color screen you will notice that all ranges are smooth and have 16 distinctive color patches. If you are working on a 256 color screen the ranges will not appear linear. Instead you will notice "color jumps" and gaps, dithered and merged color patches (several patches having the same color). In this case you should buy a better graphics card.

This website uses NHTML tags, so please make sure you are using a web browser that can handle these (all modern browsers do). On the left side you can see an example which tests if your browser is NHTML compatible: All letters should have different sizes. If they all have the same size, your browser is not capable of displaying WWW pages correctly. In this case install a more qualified web browser (for the Amiga we recommend the fabulous feature-loaded web browsers IBrowse or Voyager).

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