To achieve a standardized, efficient and reasonable solution for the price and quality control of shareware products, well-known shareware authors have teamed up and founded the Standardized Amiga Shareware Group. The SASG is a non-profit organisation which ensures that the author of a shareware product receives 100% of his well-deserved registration fee.

This system guarantees that software programmers do not get exploited and end users can register high-quality applications for only a few dollars (around US$ 20.00). As the price is low, more end users are willing to register and support the development of the product. This results in a better maintained product with lots of new features, which simultaneously improves the already excellent price/performance ratio.

Through SASG both end users and shareware authors will even get more:

  • The end user will benefit from a worldwide infrastructure of registration sites, a comfortable and standardized registration program, an exceptionally fast electronic registration center, email & fax order options and support for all major credit cards (plus First Virtual). Last but not least the customer benefits from a permanent and reliable support through the SASGINTERNET SERVICES.

  • The programmer on the other hand will be able to offer the above features without being forced to increase the price since without the help of SASG he would not be able to offer such an established ordering system, infrastructure and support for only US$ 20.00. Furthermore SASG will save him a lot of time and work which he would have been forced to invest into the registration process. Hence the author has got more time to focus on his software which finally yields a better product.

The goal of SASG is to create a standard which gives the customer the confidence to invest in an SASG product without any doubts. Therefore it is the greatest effort for us to only credit products with the SASG label if they offer an excellent value for the money, have a good service and a modern style-guide compliant programming. Due to this quality control, SASG equally represents a quality seal for Amiga shareware.

Registering a shareware product has never been as easy and rewarding as through the Standardized Amiga Shareware Group. It means very much to us to see our customers fully satisfied and pleased with our software & services.

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